THE Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) has charged government at all levels to stop arresting those who criticise them.  The CBCN also urged the government to release those who were arrested and detained for speaking their minds about the government.

According to the CBCN, to overcome insecurity and other challenges the country is facing currently, there is the need for the leaders and the led to listen to one another.

In a Christmas message signed by the president of the CBCN, Most Reverend Augustine Akubueze and made available to newsmen, the bishops called on Nigerians to pray for a government that would listen to them.

The bishops stated that before a section of the country could achieve independence, there is the need for Nigerians to listen to one another.

Most Reverend Akubueze’s message read: “I invite you to join in praying for a Nigerian government that will listen to everyone. Our political officeholders at all levels should act according to the minds of their constituents.

“To listen, you must concede that the other person has dignity and goodwill. No one should lead with a mindset that they have the monopoly for solving every problem.

“To resolve the security issues in Nigeria, we must listen to each other. If we want to resolve or request for devolution of power or sovereignty of a part of the country, we must listen to each other.

“We must resist the temptation of arresting and charging anyone who criticises us. We call on the Federal Government to release all those being held in captivity and those charged because they spoke their mind on how to move the nation forward.

“One may not agree with everyone. Still, one has to fight for the right of everyone to speak and the other should listen.”


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