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 About TheEconomy:

TheEconomy is Nigeria’s most influential and respected monthly magazine, offering incisive coverage of business, politics, labour, ICT/e-busines, Moneylines, Capital Market and other topical issues etc. TheEconomy is written by the country’s top Journalists. TheEconomy is published by Economic Publications Limited a subsidiary of D.E.R Limited publisher of The African Economy, Banking & Finance magazines and AnnualMeetings Daily. With strong international reputation and coverage, TheEconomy is the bestselling business magazine in Nigeria.

TheEconomy magazine is trusted and truly reflects our changing society and is well circulated in all the 36 states of the federation including Abuja and The African Economy, the sister publication is reputed to be the best selling magazine in Africa today.TheEconomy is a prime monthly medium for advertisers.


We do not just cover the economy, we provide you with unbiased report, views and reviews from experts and the best and brightest in their various fields to help you make good business decisions. Our analysis of current topical issues will assist you in making wise and key business and investment judgment.

REACH:  We have 80,000 copies selling at all key markets and business centres, in Nigeria 36 states as well as Abuja. The subscribers’ base alone have hit more than 50,000 copies.

CIRCULATION: It might interest you to know that presently we have a nationwide circulation and our strength is in the downright coverage of the economy.

TARGET MARKET: CEOs, students, working mothers, young men and women, middle-aged professionals, wholesalers and distributors, small-scale entrepreneurs, investors, leaders of corporate Nigeria, the elite’s class e.t.c


From our Database, our analysis reveals that:

  • 80% of our readers rely on TheEconomy for business intelligence.
  • 42% of our readers own at least one house.
  • 82% of our readers wholly or partially make domestic purchase decision.
  • 76% of our readers are professionals.
  • 70% of our readers own at least one car.
  • 72% of readers made at least one foreign trip in one year.

TheEconomy is a good medium for advertisement.We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.



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