A two-minute, 28-second video of a Nigerian woman expressing her anger and frustration towards Nigerian President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Senate President Godswill Apkabio has surfaced on social media.

In the video posted by a journalist, Chude Nnamdi (@Chude__) on X (formerly Twitter), the woman is seen passionately speaking out about the hardships faced by the country’s poor.

“To our president Bola Ahmed Tinubu, our falling president, and Senate President, people are going through a lot. The poor people are suffering. I know you don’t feel the pains of the poor,” the woman said in the video.

She went on to accuse the politicians of having dark hearts and compared them to vultures who preyed on the weak and vulnerable.

“I know you don’t feel anything about the poor. Nothing concerns you about what the poor people are going through because your heart is as dark as charcoal,” she continued.

The woman also expressed her belief that the politicians’ children would face the same hardships they had inflicted upon the people.

“Your children will suffer the kind of disaster that will fall upon your children. Even the doctors will not be able to save your children,” she addressed the politicians.

The woman ended her speech by calling on God to punish the politicians and their children for the suffering they had caused.

The emotional outburst in the video highlighted the anger and frustration and hardship faced by many Nigerians.

The video has sparked a conversation online about the need for change and accountability in the government to address the plight of the poor and marginalised.

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