It was a black Christmas day in Sabo Area in Osogbo on Friday morning as some hoodlums armed with guns invaded the area, killed one and injured others. The incident degenerated and the hoodlums resorted to looting shops in those areas.

It was gathered that the hoodlums had on Thursday night went to the area claiming they are holding a ‘Candle Night’ Procession’ for one of their deceased members. However, the hoodlums attacked residents and business owners in the area. They shot one trader in the process while assaulting others who sustain injuries.

Subsequently, on Friday morning they returned to the area and unleashed mayhem in the area. Many of the shops in the area have closed down as a result of sporadic gunshots. To avoid unexpected attack by the hoodlums, some Hausa traders in the area armed themselves with knives, cutlasses, clubs and stones in front of their

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