Trump, on his Facebook page, claimed that Biden’s actions are part of a broader strategy to undermine his rivals.

Trump criticised Biden’s recent debate performance, alleging that the President “choked like a dog” and attempted to excuse his lackluster showing by citing “international travel,” despite only taking 12 days off. Trump noted that when that explanation faltered, Biden blamed a “cold.”

On US Independence Day, Trump said, “Happy Fourth of July to all, including to our highly incapable “President,” who uses prosecutors to go after his political opponents; who choked like a dog during the Debate but tried to pretend it was “International Travel” (only 12 days rest!) and, when that gig was up, he blamed it on a “cold.” Therefore, why would anyone say he’s cognitively challenged?”

Trump also took aim at Vice President Kamala Harris, referring to her as “Laffin’ Kamala Harris” and noting her poor performance in the Democratic nominating process.

He said, “Also, respects to our potentially new Democrat Challenger, Laffin’ Kamala Harris. She did poorly in the Democrat’s Nominating process, starting out at Number Two, and ending up defeated and dropping out, even before getting to Iowa, but that doesn’t mean she’s not a “highly talented” politician!

“Just ask her Mentor, the Great Willie Brown of San Francisco.”

Trump further lambasted Jack Smith, a prosecutor whom he described as a “Deranged Biden Prosecutor”.

He accused him of losing numerous cases and working hard for what he termed “Crooked Joe.”

“Someone else that I have to compliment is a Deranged Biden Prosecutor named Jack Smith, who has become a Legend in his own mind for all of those cases he has lost,” he said.

Trump concluded his statement with a rallying cry to his supporters, reiterating his slogan: “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

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