The Nigerian Stock Exchange has published e-Tranzact International Plc nine months results for the period ending 30th September 2015 which showed a 20.6 per cent increase in revenue to N6.32 billion from N5.24 billion.

Profit before tax rose 127 per cent to N853 million from N376 million while profit after tax grew 130.1 per cent to N541 million from N235 million, as net assets for the company appreciated 11.1 per cent to N3.3 billion from N2.9 billion

Half year financial performance for e-tranzact International Plc published in July, showed that the company’s revenue appreciated 15.5 per cent to N2.02 billion for the financial period ended 30th June 2015 from N1.75 billion in the same period of 2014.

Operating profit thrived 130 per cent to N223.6 million from N96.92 million while profit before tax grew 137 per cent to N264.6 million from N111.6 million.

Profit after tax rose 147 per cent to N165.6 million from N66.9 million in the corresponding period under review.

Testing the adequacy of the company’s working capital which rose 22.4 per cent to N1.85 billion in 2015 from N1.51 billion in 2014, is the company’s current ratio which stands currently at 2.05 from 1.89 recorded in 2014, depicting adequate liquidity.

Debts to equity ratio slipped to 0.53 from 0.56 achieved in 2014, thus indicating that for every naira of shareholders equity, E-tranzact is utilizing 53 kobo of its liabilities, however the company has managed its debts effectively by keeping debt at a level less than the investment level of the owners of the business.

Operating margin for the company grew to 11.1 per cent from 5.5 per cent showing business growth and profitability as the company retained 11 naira as profit for each naira of sales made in 2015.

Net profit margin also grew to 8.19 in 2015 from 3.83 in 2014, while basic earnings per share increased to 0.78 kobo from 0.71 kobo for the reporting period.

e-Tranzact Plc. is one of the companies on the ICT sector of the Nigerian Stock Exchange was listed on August 7th 2009.

By Pita Ochai


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