Nwachukwu 3Dr. Henry Nwachukwu specialises in Homeopathy, a branch of Medicine, with vast experience in the profession.

He had his medical training in India where he started with medical nursing and graduated with first class diploma in 1989 from Thangam Institute under sponsorship from Joseph Kavin College in Madras, India.

He quickly proceeded to Premier Homoeopathic Medical College Chandigarh, where he graduated in 1993 with a Bachelor of Medicines in Homoeopathy (BOMH). In 2007 he added an Advanced Diploma (P.G) in Homoeopathy from FEDCAMP Lagos.

Dr. Nwachukwu is a member of Nigeria Association of Physicians of Alternative Medicine, the secretary of Nigeria Homoeopathic Medical Association, Lagos State chapter. Also, he is the secretary of National Stakeholders Forum in Alternative Medicine and a member of NACAMA. In this interview with Owolabi Oyekunle, he speaks extensively on Homeopathic medicine, its benefits and challenges, among other issues. Excerpts.

In the field of Homeopathy medicine, what are your areas of core competence?

As Homeopathic Medical Practitioner, I specialise in the treatment of chronic/deep seated diseases such as Pancreatic disorders with blood sugar level alterations (Diabetes type 2), Resistant high blood pressure conditions and Neoplasmic/abnormal tissue growth affections. I also major in the treatment of Infertility due to functional disorders of the reproductive organs (male/female), Mind/memory disorders due to cerebral condition with paralytic affections; and Arthritic conditions of various types with imparement of movement. I also take care of Basic family health care needs.

What differentiates Homeopathic medicine from conventional medicine?

Homeopathic system of medicine is unique. Its practicing principles uphold the theory of restoring the sick individual back to health by using non chemicalised medications. The remedies consist of mainly natural and bio-chemic substances which are succussingly potentised into various proportions (potencies) in order to remove any harmful effect which the substance may possess, thereby leaving the sick individual to access the full benefits of the remedies without any fear of drug reaction or side effects.

What is the uniqueness of these medications over conventional system of treatment?

 Remedies can be taken on an empty stomach even as often as hourly, depending on the condition of the patient. This encourages the sick individual to take the medications regularly even if he or she has no appetite for foods, the remedies will open up his or her system and enhance quick recovery which conventional system of treatment does not possess.

Furthermore, Homeopathic system of care runs a principle of individualization. This means that a patient’s remedy can be prepared (potentised) specially for him/her by using his/her blood sample, and through the aid of a radionic computer, matching remedies will be selected for him/her. It quickens response and ensures complete recovery of the patient.

Inspite of all the above, it is noteworthy to say that there is no complete system of medicine, be it Herbal, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, conventional etc.

Each system still needs a symbiotic effect of the other to perform optimally. There could be a short fall in a certain case being treated with a particular system of medicine, nothing stops the practitioner from referring or advising the patient to move over to the other system that can handle his or her case better. This is referred to as carpet-crossing or complementary system of care.

For instance, in conventional field, cases of hypertension (high blood pressure) are being regarded as incurable cases and can only be managed by various anti-hypertensive medications.But in homeopathy, the practitioner goes deeper to find out the cause with the assistance of his radionic computer which could be due to malfunctioning of some organs caused by diseased condition, abnormal deposits of Lipids (plaques) or blood clots within the blood vessels.

Whatsoever the findings maybe, the patient will be treated based on that fact. By so doing, the symptoms of high blood pressure reduce naturally, same applies to other cases. On the other hand, a Homeopath may be handling a case that may need a life support (dialysis), nothing stops him from sending or advising the patient to cross the carpet to the conventional system of care where such facilities could be easily accessed.

Therefore, no one system has it all but we need a complementary effect to harmonize in order to restore the sick individual back to health.

What are the challenges and the likely opportunities in this profession?

The challenges in this profession are in the area of awareness. Some people or individuals know nothing about Homeopathy or its benefits.

Therefore, we need an awareness platform through which we can educate the public on the importance and benefits of this system of practice. Also, there is need for more institutions where more practitioners can be trained in the field of Homeopathy in order to enhance its practice.

If these things are put in place, the level of casualties or resistance/incurable diseases in the field of medicine generally will reduce, as the masses can have options in their healthcare.

For instance, few weeks ago, a case of breast cancer patient was brought to our clinic from one of the reputable hospitals in Lagos. The patient suddenly had an attack and she almost bled to death. The family of the patient enquired from the doctor after 48 hours of admission the next step forward, the doctor told them that there is nothing more to be done than for her to go for surgery. They were worried and inquisitive how she will survive the surgery having lost and still losing much blood?

For the doctor, surgery is the last option and has to be done soonest. As the case was brought to our clinic, remedies were selected with her blood sample and potentised. She took it as recommended, within six hours, the bleeding stopped completely to the amazement of her relations. She is now under treatment for the major case.

In the light of such cases, I think awareness has to be created.

What advice would you give to innocent health seekers and your colleagues in this profession?

My advice to patients is to always ask their doctors questions and make enquiries to be well informed on the nature of their health challenges and the right possible way forward.

To my colleagues, my advice to them is to give in their best at all times and provide the best which radionics/Homeopathy has to offer in caring for the sick individuals.

By Owolabi Oyekunle

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