Telecoming, an international company specializing in sport and entertainment monetization technologies has entered into an agreement with MTN Group to monetize digital services in 21 African countries.

The scope of the agreement means access to an audience of more than 280M users in the region; Telecoming ( consolidates its connections in Africa and boosts its Sportech project.

Telecoming, an international company specializing in sport and entertainment monetization technologies, has reached a strategic agreement with MTN Group to monetize its sports offer in 21 countries. The impact of the deal opens up a potential market of more than 280 million African users.

This is the second major global agreement that Telecoming has signed with a telco group, following the one reached in 2019, also for the distribution and monetization of entertainment and sports services. The company, therefore, strengthens its structure on a continent where it has been operating since 2015.

The alliance with MTN Group enriches the possibilities and penetration of Telecoming’s digital services business in the region, opening up new opportunities to access countries where it was not yet present, with the possibility of exploiting new connections.

These global alliances provide the company with a competitive advantage that consolidates its connections in a significant way. Telecoming places itself in a privileged position, very attractive to its sports partners, to whom it can offer a quick and easy internationalization on the continent.

Cyrille Thivat, CEO of Telecoming, declares that “this is a very important moment for us because our monetization capacity in Africa will take a giant leap forward in the coming months. It is an exciting adventure between Telecoming and MTN Group to build global soccer fan communities with engaging content and experiences.” He adds, “thanks to this agreement, we have the opportunity to launch official football services in all the countries where MTN is present, impacting a potential audience of 280 million users in 21 countries”.

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