AFENIFERE leader, Pa Ayo Adebanjo has said he does not want secession but cannot stay under the current constitution the country operates.  Adebanjo made this known during a zoom event as he described the 1999 Constitution as fraudulent, calling for a new one, while reiterating that restructuring will solve all insecurity issues in the country. 

The Afenifere chieftain, while answering questions raised by some of the participants at the event, lamented that those who are supposed to be in position of arresting killer-herdsmen are the ones protecting them. 


“I don’t want secession but I won’t stay in Nigeria under this constitution. The governors have no powers over the police. The moment you have a regional autonomy which we had done in the Western Region earlier, everything will fall in place. 

“This constitution is a fraudulent constitution. The restructuring that I have been championing will attend to all the insecurity issues you are talking about,” Adebanjo stated.

Also speaking, Executive Director, Awolowo Foundation, Ambassador Tokunbo Awolowo Dosumu, admonished the agitators of Yoruba nation to listen to the advice of the Afenifere leader. 

She asked the agitators to articulate the challenges and draw spiritual strength from Pa Adebanjo, adding that the agitation of the Afenifere group for a better Nigeria would have been achieved all these years if the current zeal attached to self determination had been deployed. 

“My advice is that those who are so determined to leave Nigeria, Baba Adebanjo has said what needs to be said. 

“The self-determination agitators should articulate those challenges and draw spiritual strength from him. We hear what has been said and what has not been said. 

“I wish that the zeal attached to self-determination had been deployed on the side of the Afenifere all these years. Maybe we would have forged ahead. 

“On Yoruba nation, we seem to be more prone to division and that process has started several years ago,” Awolowo Dosumu said. 

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