The National Pension Commission (PenCom) has approved 34 mortgage banks for the implementation of acquisition of residential mortgages by Retirement Savings Account (RSA) holders.

Of the 34 banks, 18 are from Lagos, eight from Abuja and eight of them are from other states.
The mortgage lenders from Lagos are Abbey Mortgage Bank Plc; Brent Mortgage Bank Limited; AG Mortgage Bank Plc; Centagr Savings & Loans; City Code Savings & Loans; First Trust Mortgage Bank; Global Trust Mortgage; Haggai Mortgage; Homes-Base Mortgage; Imperial Homes; Jubilee-Life Mortgage Bank; Lagos Building & Investment; Prudential Mortgage Bank and Refuge Homes Savings & Loans.

Others from Lagos include Resort Savings & Loans; Safetrust Mortgage Bank; STB Building Society; Union Homes and Mayfresh Mortgage Bank.

In Abuja, they are Aso Savings & Loans; FHA Homes Ltd; First Generation Homes; Infinity Trust Mortgage Bank; MDSL Mortgage Bank Limited; Nigeria Police Mortgage Bank and Platinum Mortgage Bank

The others are Akwa Savings & Loans Limited and Mutual Alliance from Akwa Ibom State; Coop Savings & Loans from Oyo State; Delta Trust Mortgage Bank; Gateway Mortgage Bank, Ogun State; Jigawa Savings & Loans, Jigawa State; Kebbi Stare Homes, Kebbi State and Living Trust, formerly Omoluabi, Osun State.

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