The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), yesterday, announced there would be no sit-at-home directive during the presidential and National Assembly elections later this month.

IPOB warned the Pan Nigeria President of Igbo Extraction Coalition (PANPIEC) against linking the group with enforcement of sit-at-home orders just to blackmail it.

The group, in a statement released through its spokesman, Emma Powerful, said IPOB has no intention to enforce sit-at-home during the general elections.

The statement reads: “IPOB has never forcefully obstructed the election process in Nigeria. Rather, we once called Biafrans to boycott elections, which was later called off.

“We have maintained that we don’t have any interest in Nigeria’s political process.

“Our interest and focus is the release of our leader, Nnamdi Kanu, and the date for Biafra referendum to determine the political future of Biafrans in or outside Nigeria.

“We knew that PANPIEC is among those sponsoring this fake group claiming they are IPOB, issuing and enforcing reckless sit-at-home directives in the South East.

“We wonder why the group keeps linking the paid agents of confusion with us, even as IPOB has publicly denounced any link with Simon Ekpa and his collaborators.

“It’s on record and in the public domain that IPOB has not called for any sit-at-home during the coming elections.

“It’s also obvious that IPOB and the Eastern Security Network (ESN) do not have any faction or splinter group. IPOB remains peaceful and indivisible under one command for the liberation of Biafra from Nigeria.

“We reiterate for the records that IPOB has not, did not and will not issue any sit-at-home order during the elections. We also did not call for any boycott.”

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