Lagos State Government

The Lagos State Government has clarified the section of the Road Traffic Law 2012, which restricted trailers and articulated vehicles from plying the metropolis between 6 a.m and 9 p.m.

Permanent Secretary of the State Ministry of Transport, Oluseyi Whenu said in a statement that while Section 2 of the Traffic Law ‎restricted movement of trailers and articulated vehicles, only petrol tankers and long vehicles used in conveying passengers were allowed to travel within the metropolis between the stipulated time.

He said that vehicles with more than one rear axle or six tyres were hereby restricted between 6 a.m and 9 p.m, with the exemption of some vehicles in accordance with sections 2 and 38 of the Road Traffic Law 2012.

These exemptions are tour buses or passenger buses, fire service trucks, rescue and recovery trucks, patrol trucks, perishable farm products trucks, refuse collection trucks, cement mixer trucks, tractors and refrigerated trucks.

The statement said the clarification became necessary following the controversy generated due to the enforcement of the law, ‎after a fatal accident in the state.

It added that the accident involved a container-laden trailer, which claimed three lives on September .2 at Ojuelegba.

According to the statement, the state government remains committed to the protection of lives and property of residents irrespective of social, cultural or economic classification.

It therefore solicited the compliance, cooperation, support and understanding of all regarding the renewed enforcement of the law.

By Pita Ochai


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