In line with its forte of rewarding its customers, Globacom, the Grandmasters of data, has taken customer reward several notches higher by gifting 4G LTE smartphones free-of-charge to its customers who subscribe to a special LTE data plan.

According to a statement issued by the company in Lagos, any subscriber who buys a 75GB LTE data plan for N75, 000 will get a smartphone worth N75, 000 with advanced features like 13 Megapixel camera, dual SIMs, a 5-inch screen and 2GB RAM.

For those who subscribe to a 60GB 4G LTE plan for N60,000, an 8 Megapixel, 4G smart phone worth the same amount awaits them absolutely free, while any subscriber who purchases a 48GB data plan for N48, 000 will get a 5 Megapixel camera smartphone worth the same amount, also free. Both 4G LTE smartphones are also dual SIM-enabled and come with IGB RAM.

The network announced that the offer will enable Globacom subscribers who do not have 4G smartphones yet to experience the exceptional speed of the Glo 4G network widely referred to as “the speed of life.”

Positing that this is the best deal in town, Globacom said the offer will create huge excitement among telephone subscribers in Nigeria.

The company also said that all the “phones are ideal for 4G, 3G, and 2G networks.”

“Glo Mobile offers the most innovative services and data plans at affordable rates. With this special free 4G LTE smartphone offer, we have once again demonstrated our resolve to always give our subscribers the best value. It cannot get better than this,’’ the statement said.

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