Traffic RobberiesIn December 2015, more than 300 cases of car theft, and traffic robberies were recorded in Lagos state. According to a research by Carmudi Nigeria on car theft and traffic robberies in Lagos state, there was an escalation of traffic robberies, car burglary in the last quarter of 2015 with the month of December having the highest figure.  The research placed the figure at about 20 cases per week including traffic robberies and burglary of parked cars. It also showed a reduction in cases of carjacking/hacking. Car hacking is a situation where the thief gains access to the car via remote control or reprogrammed key.

This is a huge number when compared to other states in Nigeria forcing the law enforcement agencies to double surveillance and patrol of traffic prone areas such as the Eko Bridge, Oshodi-Apapa express way, etc which has led to the apprehension of some of these criminals.

In a bid to offer more protection for cars owners in Nigeria and also assist the security agencies in the fight against traffic robberies and car theft,

Carmudi, Nigeria’s number 1 car site and Concept Nova, a fast growing information technology and software development company, have partnered to provide a premium anti-glass break solution called C-Protect for car buyers and owners in Nigeria. C-protect is an invisible film which can be applied to car windows, windscreens and glass vents protecting the glass from breaking in the event of accidental break, vandalism or robbery.

According to a car dealer in United Berger market, car buyers have been looking for a solution that would protect their cars from theft or vandalism. Up until now car owners had to rely on car tracking devices or car security systems which did not guaranty the safety of their car from vandals and also the law endowment agencies who may not be able to get to the crime scene in time to stop the damage. With C-protect car owners are granted protection of their cars, valuables and life.

Speaking on the research and partnership, Managing Director Amy Muoneke said ‘Carmudi Nigeria is not just focused on providing a fraud free platform for car buyers and sellers but we also make it a point of duty to partner with organization that provide services and products that would benefit car buyers. Security has always been an important issue and we are proud to offer Nigerians who buy cars from the Carmudi Nigeria website C-protect at a discounted price.

By Pita Ochai

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