You have heard it said many times, the only thing constant in life is change. Change applies to every area in our lives. Moving into a new apartment or home, happy or sad occasions within the family, economic changes in career or business, and so on. We cannot avoid change in life. We can dig in our heels, or we can cope with change, or better yet, adopt a more optimistic outlook. Let’s see how we can make change work for us in positive ways, and why change is important in our life!


Change leads to opportunities

You will realize that each change in your life is actually an invitation for new experiences. You should take advantage of each new opportunity. Remember, every new experience has its own benefits. You can be tempted to dismiss these chances, whenever they come, but it is always advisable to consider the benefits that those new opportunities will bring. If you accept change in your life, you will profit from each new opportunity.

Change ensures excitement in your life

Change is one thing that makes our lives interesting. If you are used to doing the same thing over and over again, for years on end, you may get bored, and lose the excitement in your life. Change ensures that your experiences differ from day to day, month to month. Remember that the world is always in a continuous motion.

Technologies, trends, and politics keep on changing. This makes life exciting. Another reason you should remain positive about change.

Change means progress

If you look at your life ten years ago, you were a very different person, from the person you are today. There are many things that have happened in your life, that made you grow as a human being.

This is called progress. And these growth experiences are the reason you should appreciate changes in your life. George Bernard Shaw said, “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. If you come this far reading this, and you are still having a bad day, let me tell you that you have the power to make every day a good day, by just changing your mind.

Today, many people find themselves trapped in chains of various types. It could be that of an unreasonable employer, toxic relationships, mountains of debts, bad habits, or addictions, you name it.

Worse, all of these require too much energy to maintain. The most awesome thing is, that you can set yourself free, and achieve personal independence, by making hard and uncomfortable choices, by severing your ties with those traps, you find yourself in. That’s how you declare your freedom, and personal independence.

Pride, will then be a byproduct of your success, that is achieving personal independence. It will, in turn, strengthen you to become even more successful in other areas of your life. In fact, the right type of pride in who you really are, and what you represent, will certainly assist you to achieve mastery in your life.

When you are independent, you will not allow yourself to be controlled, or limited by other people, since you are already the master of your own destiny. You are a person of great accomplishments and qualities. And that’s something you should really feel proud of.

Remember, pride is like being completely aware of yourself, and accepting the power of your mind and body. And personal independence unchains you from intolerable and vain pursuits enabling you to experience this terrific feeling that is personal pride.

Article by Victor K Chukwuemeka

Your Truly,

Mark Johnson

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