Meta owned messaging platform WhatApp has introduced a new feature as part of efforts aimed at creating a more engaging and improved quality of its services and make them more user-friendly. The new filter called “unread” reminds users of their unread messages.

The introduction of the new filter was made known early this week on WhatsApp’s verified Twitter account.

According to the management of WhatsApp, the new “unread” filter will give its over 2 billion active users more control over their chats and ensure users never miss messages from their loved ones again.

The statement read: “Now you can sort your chats with an “unread” filter for extra control and organization. Never miss another message from papai or the message from your irmã asking why you didn’t respond to papai ”

How to Locate the New Filter

To locate the new  “unread” filter is quite straightforward. These are all you need to do.

Open your WhatsApp

Click the “search” button on the App interface

The new “unread”  filter will appear alongside other filters such as photos, videos and links. Click the “unread” filter

After clicking the unread filter, your yet-to-be-attended messages will be displayed.

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