The management of Air Peace has dismissed allegations that it commenced business operations with funds sourced from Kingsley kuku, former Coordinator of the Presidential amnesty Office. The airline categorically denied that Mr Kuku gave them funds meant for Niger-Delta Amnesty to purchase aircrafts.

A statement from the airline’s Solicitors, Alegeh & Co, said the allegation was untrue, false and a rehash of untrue stories.

The statement dated September 7, 2020 was titled ‘Press release’.

It said that Kuku was never a shareholder or director at Air Peace. It also added that he never purchased any airplanes for Air Peace.

The statement said, “We are solicitors to Air Peace Limited and Chief Allen Onyema. Our clients have just become aware of an online story claiming that Kingsley Kuku, the former Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta Affairs and Chairman of the Presidential Amnesty Office purportedly used “billions of Naira stolen from the Presidential Amnesty Programme to purchase airplanes to start Air Peace.”

“The online story, in a bid to appear credible, refers to the United States Department of Justice as the source of this ‘information’.

“On behalf of our clients, we hereby state unequivocally and for the records that the said online story is untrue, false, baseless and a rehash of old, false and untrue stories.

“Kingsley Kuku did not at any time purchase any airplanes for our client, Air Peace Limited and he is not a shareholder or director of Air Peace Limited.

“Kingsley Kuku is not in any way and/or manner connected to and/or involved in the ownership and operations of Air Peace Limited.” The statement further explained that Air Peace was set up with legitimate funds and the story was an attempt to tarnish the client’s image.

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