Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu, in rehashing the old tired worn out cliche by the destroyers of Nigeria and enemies of Oduduwa Nation said: “I have nowhere I am going. Whoever has experienced war in the past will not pray for such. Nigeria will not separate; it’s not acceptable to us. God will not allow Nigeria to experience it (war). If we say Nigeria should separate, people should remember what war caused in Sudan and Iraq.”
Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu
Everyone has ambition. Ambition entails healthy balance of hunger and humility, perseverance and perspective. Tinubu’s ambition is not healthy ambition but harmful ambition. Tinubu is ambition addicted. On several occasions, he has demonstrated that his stomach is bigger than his popping frog eyes. Until now, Tinubu has remained deaf, dumb, and blind. He carefully dodged criticizing or condemning Fulani savages.
He zealously defends the killing spree of Fulani terrorists with his now famous question: “Where are the cows?” He sees nothing wrong in the senseless murder of Yoruba people by Fulani terrorists. Tinubu’s ambition project is like the Greek tragedy. Nigeria is on fire and on the brink. Insecurity, violence, poverty, hunger, anger, corruption, unemployment, kidnapping, rapping, murder, are soaring to unthinkable new highs. His only concern and worry is becoming the next president. 
Because of his presidential ambition, he dare not offend Fulani kingmakers. He treats Yoruba agitation for their own nation with icy indifference and contempt. In his defiance and arrogance, he asserts that the break up of Nigeria “is not acceptable to us.” Who is “us”? On whose behalf is Tinubu speaking? Who does Tinubu represent?  Who made him judge over us? Who cares where you go? You can join your Fulani ancestors in Minna, Sokoto, Maidugiri, Daura, or Kano and live happily ever!
As a traitor, Tinubu listens only to the sirens of his own vanity and ambition. Tinubu is like a mad king clinging to the fiction that he has not been deposed. Tinubu is known for his selfish ambition and conceit. He lacks the humility to consider as more important the collective interest, the socioeconomic and political future of Yorubas than his own narrow ambition. For all he cares, there’s nothing wrong in sacrificing 60 million Yorubas for his mad presidential ambition. To him, the end justifies the means. As a ruthless ambitious politician, his political success has been largely possible by the use of quantum of violent thugs and obnoxious degenerates like M.C. Oluomo. 
But the times are different. Millions of Tinubus with their army of thugs cannot stop the collective will of Yoruba people to take their own destines in their own hands. Yorubas have the abundant human and natural resources, the population, the geographical contiguity of the six Yoruba states, the land mass, and more importantly, the advantage of one language to be a great nation. Break up of Nigeria is acceptable to us. 
Tinubu forgets that we come into this world alone and we leave it in the very same manner. He forgets we live for others. He forgets we live to inspire, affect, improve and change lives of others. Because he’s egocentric, Tinubu focuses on himself the more. He puts his needs and well being ahead of Yorubas. Tinubu will fail miserably.

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