The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has allocated 2,704MW to the 11 electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos) at  17:45 hour 19/01/2023.

The SO allocated 367MW to Abuja DisCo, Benin DisCo 232MW,  Eko DisCo 362MW, Enugu DisCo 254MW, Ibadan DisCo 339MW, Ikeja DisCo 361MW, Jos  DisCo 158MW, Kaduna DisCo 176MW, Kano DisCo 178MW, PHarcourt DisCo 197MW and Yola DisCo 80MW.

While Kano DisCo apologised to its customers that the poor power supply was due to low energy generation, the Abuja DisCo notified its customers that it was compelled to shed load owing to the low allocation it got from the Independent System Operator of the TCN.

Abuja DisCo said: “This is to inform our esteemed customers that we are aware of the decline in power supply across our franchise areas.

“This is due to insufficient load allocation received, hence we are  compelled to load shed power temporarily across the different areas.”

The Association of Power Generation Company (APGC) challenged the DisCos that displayed their letters of apology to customers on the WhatsApp platform “Power Sector Perspective,” to also display their remittance there.

Responding in the sectoral  group chat, the APGC Managing Director, Dr. Joy Ogaji said : “Ask the Discos to equally display their remittances.”

It was an indication that the GenCos produced the energy according to the available cash.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian Consumer Protection Network President, Barrister Kunle Olubiyo noted that there is a serious picture of misalignment in the industry.

He insisted that the “so-called power sector has reached crossroad.”

Earlier, he said “Payments Assurance Fund ( PAF ) gone. Payments Gas Guarantee , gone. Payments For Capacity (Payment for Idle Generation ) , all gone . Market Remittances increasingly low . No Credits Risk Guarantee,.No More Incentives.”

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