Senator representing Abia South, Enyinnaya Abaribe has advised President Muhammadu Buhari to stop giving excuses for the failure of his administration.

Senator Abaribe who incidentally is Senate Minority Leader gave the admonition in his reaction to the New Year broadcast by President Buhari.

President Buhari  while admitting that the performance of his administration fell short of expectations of the citizenry however called on “all Nigerians to carefully recall the circumstances of our coming to office, the facts on the ground and the resources at our disposal since 2015 with the accomplishments of this administration.”

Senator Abaribe maintained that President Buhari was not elected to give excuses but to live up to his electoral promises by giving good governance to Nigerians. His statement read in part:” The legislature, particularly the minority caucus is ready to cooperate with the presidency in any sincere and genuine effort to tackle insecurity in our country and keep our people safe.

“Nonetheless, President Muhammadu Buhari must as a fact face governance and stop making excuses at every turn, especially his penchant at making references to 2015 as reasons why he fails to perform. It does not end at making broadcast, but in exhibiting genuine seriousness in governance for all Nigerians.

“The President is elected to provide governance, by so doing he must be ready to proffer solutions, right wrongs where it exists and solve problems besetting the country in every facet and not always relapse to advancing excuses to explain away palpable failures.

As for us in the minority caucus, we are willing as always to cooperate with the presidency in any sincere and genuine effort to provide good governance to Nigerians.”

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