The Igbo-Biafra Nationalists, on Tuesday, commended the move to create an additional state in the South East region.

The Spokesperson of the IBN, Edoziuno Chukwunonso stated this in a statement to newsmen in Owerri, while commenting on the move by the House of Representatives to create a new state in the South East.

The IBN, was of the stand that the state creation would “correct historical injustices and foster a sense of unity and development among the Igbo people.

“We are delighted to observe that the South-East political representatives are heeding our advice and implementing our proposals, including the creation of additional states in the South-East region. This move aims to bring the region on par with other regions in Nigeria that have six or seven states, thus ensuring equitable representation and resource distribution.

“We particularly commend the initiative led by House of Representatives member, Ugochinyere, and his colleagues, who have sponsored a bill for the creation of Orlu State from the current Anambra and Imo States. This effort represents a significant step toward addressing the long-standing imbalance in state distribution within Nigeria and ensuring that the South-East region receives its fair share of federal resources and political representation.

“For us, the Igbo-Biafra Nationalists and the Indigenous People of Igbo Nation for Self-Determination, another of our primary focus, remains the unification of the Igbo-speaking areas. We believe that the creation of additional states in the South-East would reflect this unification principle. Therefore, we also advocate for the creation of a state that would incorporate the Igbo communities from the present South-South into the South-East region. This would not only enhance the cultural and political cohesion of the Igbo nation but also ensure that all Igbo-speaking communities are adequately represented within the federal structure of Nigeria.”

“The creation of new states within the South-East region is not merely an administrative exercise. It is a crucial step towards correcting historical injustices and fostering a sense of unity and development among the Igbo people. By having more states, the South-East will benefit from increased political representation in the National Assembly, more federal allocations for infrastructural development, and greater attention to the socio-economic needs of the region.

“We call upon all South-East political representatives, state governors, and community leaders to support this initiative wholeheartedly. The creation of additional states in the South-East will bring numerous benefits, including improved governance, enhanced security, and better socio-economic development. It will also strengthen our collective voice in national affairs and ensure that the interests of the Igbo people are effectively represented and protected,” he said.

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