Nollywood actress, Judith Iwu has expressed her disaffection with some Nollywood actresses, who she claims have resorted to using magical charms or voodoo to bewitch rich men so they can live ostentatious and flamboyant lives.

Hear her, “Some of my female colleagues and some social butterfly ladies are now hand in glove with some Alfas who prepare certain cream for them with voodoo. And once these ladies apply these creams on their private parts and sleep with their targets, the men automatically become ATM machines and buy them houses, cars, other material things, and sponsor their vacations.”

She said this evil practice is becoming widespread, and constitutes a clear and present danger to all, not just to the image of the industry, “particularly now that the majority of Nigerians are clamouring for positive change.”

She noted that such misbehaviour cannot be excused under the pretext of surviving a harsh economy, stressing that the acting industry is an honourable one.

“Acting is an honourable profession and I’m proud to be an actor. It’s so sad that some actors are now using our film industry as an avenue to carry out indecent behaviour. Actors should be role models and not objects of caricature. Our fans who used to believe in us are now disappointed in us, to the extent that they have given us new disheartening names like Yeyebrities, Punabrities, Oloshobrities; the list is endless. I weep for my industry,” Iwu remarked with disgust

The actress warned perpetrators of such evil practice to imbibe the right mindset and shun “noodle success”.

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