An officer of the Nigeria Customs Service

An officer of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), Seme Customs Command, Mr Olonitola G.M, was on Tuesday attacked with a petrol bomb by a dare devil smuggler while in the line of duty.

According to reports, the Customs officer had stopped the vehicle which the smuggler was driving in for routine search at the border town. However, unknown to the Customs officer, the smuggler had concealed a petrol bomb in his trousers.

As soon as the smuggler pulled over, he walked away from the vehicle, apparently looking for a match to light the concealed petrol bomb in his pocket.

Mr Olonitola, who was unaware of the smuggler’s plan, went ahead with his search of the vehicle.

Eyewitness accounts say, “the smuggler suddenly appeared from nowhere with the petrol bomb already lit in his hands. He then flung it at Olonitola who screamed in pain and went up in flames. It took the effort of nearby Customs officials who heard Olonitola’s scream to overpower the smuggler and shoot him when he tried to escape in the vehicle.”

Olonitola has since been recuperating at a medical facility in Ikeja, while the smuggler’s vehicle has since been seized as the search operation later revealed that the vehicle was loaded with contraband goods.

By Pita Ochai


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