Samsung Electronics recently launched its flagship Galaxy S23, S23+ and S23 Ultra smartphones, claiming to offer improved 5G performance compared to their predecessors.

However, a recent analysis by Ookla using Speedtest Intelligence suggests that the new models only outperformed the corresponding S22 models in Germany and two out of three models in the US for 5G download speed.

In South Africa, for instance, the median 5G download speeds for the S22 models ranged from 172.1Mbit/s to 206Mbit/s, while the S23 models ranged from 187.6Mbit/s to 202.1Mbit/s. This suggests that South African Galaxy S22 users may not need to upgrade their phones to the S23 models if they are primarily looking for faster 5G speeds.

The analysis looked at data from the first month after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S23 models

The analysis looked at data from the first month after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S23 models in 12 of the largest mobile markets with established 5G networks and the highest number of connected mobile devices during the fourth quarter of 2022, according to industry body the GSMA. It found that while the S23 models showed promise for faster 5G speeds, they did not yet outperform their S22 counterparts in all markets.

It’s worth noting that device data differs across markets due to various factors, including 5G investments by governments and mobile operators, different 5G spectrum allocations by operators, 5G availability, and the number and different kinds of 5G deployments, as well as other differences, including mobile 5G plans.

Despite the parity in speeds between the S23 and S22 models in some markets, there were still some positive takeaways from the analysis. For instance, the median 5G upload speed for the S23 Ultra was faster than the S22 Ultra, suggesting that the S23 models may still offer some advantages over their predecessors.

Furthermore, the analysis found that the S23 models looked poised to be faster in the future as further 5G adoption and build-out continues and more spectrum is allocated for 5G across the C-band and millimetre-wave frequency bands.

While the new Samsung Galaxy S23 models offer some promise for faster 5G speeds, users should carefully consider whether upgrading from an S22 model makes sense. South African Galaxy S22 users, in particular, may want to wait for further developments in 5G technology before deciding to upgrade, while users in other markets should weigh the potential advantages of the S23 models against their specific 5G needs and usage patterns.

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