Rivers Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has flayed the claims by the camp of the presidential candidate of the party, Alh. Atiku Abubakar, that Governor Nyesom Wike is running an election.
The Rivers PDP under the auspices of the the Consolidation of the New Rivers Vision Campaign Council in a statement on Thursday dismissed the comments saying Wike “is not running an election.”

The Council’s spokesperson, Chief Ogbonna Nwuke said that Leoonu Nwibubasa, who made the statement from the Atiku’s camp was “sounding like a broken record.”

Nwuke said: “We have listened to what looks like the tired and uninspiring voice of Nwibubasa who speaks for the Atiku campaign.

“We find it disappointing that our brother who should fly the Rivers flag wherever he is, has sold his conscience and his whole body to the devil.

“In case Nwibubasa, who is sounding like a broken record has forgotten, what is in contention is not what has happened in the past; or what the Rivers people did in the past in choosing Nyesom Wike as their governor, after an Ikwerre man presided over affairs of state in Brick House.

“What is in contention, as we speak, is whether Article 7, 3(c) on power rotation is being adhered to in Rivers State. The question is, has the PDP in Rivers State complied substantially with the basic principle on power rotation which is enshrined in our Constitution? The answer is yes.

“Has Alhaji Atiku and his backers shown respect for the fundamental principle on power rotation which ought to see power shift to the South? The answer is a definite no!”

Nwuke said In Rivers State, the right of the Rivers Southeast to occupy the Brick House had been established and defended by the party under the leadership of Wike.

He said: “Similarly, the entitlement of the riverine people, regardless of size, population and geographical spread, has been respected. This is why there are no agitations in the polity despite efforts of narrow-minded men like Nwibubasa to steer confusion.

“Both Wike and Atiku should be students of contemporary history, the quest for power not withstanding. Both should offer untainted and constructive leadership sought by our people.

“Both should endeavour to correct apparent mistakes in the decision making process that Nwibubasa admits were made in the past. Truth is, Wike has set a worthy example of what good leaders should be.

“While the action of Governor Nyesom Wike on power rotation has made him less of a tribal warlord and an ethnic gingoist, the decision by Alhaji Atiku Abubakar in this time and age to deny the South of an opportunity to lead this country speaks volumes”.

Nwuke said the action of Atiku and his co-travelers was a proof that they held people from the South in contempt.

He said: “It has clearly shown the level of contempt that Atiku and his stormtroopers nurse against people who do not come from a particular region in Nigeria”.

“The story to tell, which Nwibubasa is busy avoiding, is the story that power has rotated in the Rivers PDP from the Upland to the Riverine areas.

“Try as he can, Nwibubasa cannot wish away the fact that the Rivers people have taken note of this significant development in their democratic adventure which has given a voice to the Rivers minority.

“Wike deserves our praise for his courage in reversing an ugly trend in our ranks which has distorted, or attempts to distort, the principle of natural justice, the sustenance of ethnic balance and the defence of the doctrine of fairness and equal opportunity.”

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