Human Rights lawyer and Senator representing Kaduna South, Shehu Sani has urged the Code of Conducts Bureau (CCB) to publish all declarations made by public office holders since 1999.

The civil rights activist, argued in  a statement published on his social media (Facebook) account, that doing so would allow the public to form ‘transparency vigilante groups’ who would verify claims made by public office holders.

“The masses deserve to know the material worth of all their elected and appointed public office holders. Every public office holder must come to equity with clean or at least not dirty hand.

“PMB, by his public declaration, has set a high moral standard that must be abided by those who particularly lay claim to the change agenda,” he adds.

Senator Sani also urged Nigerians to demand full disclosure from the CCB, although the law does not compel the CCB to make public assets of public officials unless requested.

By Olisemeka Obeche


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