Nokia has been ranked first in telecoms software and services according to a report published by Market Research Company Analysys Mason which focused on the telecomm software and service market in 2019. The sector which accounted for $66.9 billion was much more competitive than the network infrastructure market. Compared to the network infrastructure market where we have 3 big players, the telecom software and service market has 6 vendors that are inside the range of 4% marketshare difference, meaning any one of them can go on top in a short period of time.

Nokia was ranked again the No. 1 vendor in the telecom software and service market in 2019 with a marketshare of 7% worth around 4.5 billion dollars. The No. 2 and No. 3 also scored around 7% in marketshare, which is the best sign of how competitive this market is.

It will be interesting to see how Nokia will rank in 2020, because the company has been focusing a lot on its software business that started giving results. An analyst speculated that Nokia should drop the network business and focus on telecom software instead, because that market has a higher profit margin and is expected to have more growth in the coming years.

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