The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) yesterday said the total enrolment into its National Data Base (NDB) as at January 22, 2023 peaked at over 95.07 million. It was 94.03million on last December 31, making an increase of 1.04million.

Lagos State continued to maintain its lead, posting the highest cumulative enrollment figure of over 10.51 million. It was 10.42 million on December 31, 2022, marking an increment of 0.09million.

According to data posted on its Enrolment Dashboard yesterday, NIMC said that by gender distribution, male had a total enrolment figure of 53,677.001 representing 56 per cent of total enrolment figure while female had 41,400,916 representing 44 per cent.

A further breakdown of the figure according to what it tagged: Top 10 states for NIN enrolment as at 22 January, 2023, showed that Lagos had 4,777,512 male enrolments while 5,738,386 was female enrolment bringing total to 10,515,898.

Kano ranked second with 3,552,579 male; 4,762,379 female; and total figure of 8,314,958 enrolments while Kaduna with a total of 5,608,634 enrolments distributed at 2,492,885 and 3,115,749 for male and female enrollees was third on the list.

Ogun, with 1,903,116 male enrollees and 2,065,859 female ranked fourth. The state had a total of 3,968,975 enrolments.

Oyo and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) were fifth and sixth in the ranking. While the former had 1,795,270 male and 1,958,790 female enrolments brining the figure to 3,754,060, the latter recorded 1,378,523 male enrolment and 1,916,655 female enrolments that brought total figures to 3,295,178.

Katsina, Rivers, Bauchi and Delta maintained the seventh, eight,  ninth and 10th positions with male 1,328,629; 1,943,560 female and total 3,272,189; 1,280,235 male; 1,582,960 female and total of 2,863,195; 938,769 male, 1,642,390 female and total of 2,581,159; and   1,196,237 male, 1,352,583 female and total of 2,548,820.

Speaking at a forum in Lagos last year, the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Prof Isa Pantami, said he had ensured steady growth in the number of enrolment into the NDB, which he inherited in 2020 when NIMC was transferred to me. The figure then “was only 41 million. And don’t forget NIMC was established in 2007. Within 13 years, 41million and from October 2020 till date, we increased it by 45 million and this is in less than two years more than what was achieved in the previous 14 years”.

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