Chief of the Nigerian community in Kasoa, Nana Kessington Oledo, has revealed that his fellow Nigerians are responsible for six out of every ten crimes committed in the area.

The situation, he said, has been a source of grave concern to the local police commander, who has constantly complained to him to help the situation by getting through to his settler subjects.

The revelation was made during Accra100.5FM’s maiden dialogue, which focused on the security situation in that part of Ghana, as reported by Ghanaweb.

The quarterly dialogue, the first of which was held on Friday, April 23 2021, at the Mikado Conference Centre in Accra, brought together lawyers, traditional leaders, local government analysts, security persons, government appointees, grassroots people, residents of Kasoa, students and other stakeholders to tease out the factors underpinning the insecurity in the area nestled between the boundaries of Greater Accra and Central Regions.

In his contribution, the Nigerian chief said he found it frustrating that the law enforcement bodies – Ghana Police Service and Ghana Immigration Service – repetitively allow themselves to be bribed by Nigerian suspects who get caught in the claws of the law.

“You see, this is a very delicate issue, and as you said, references have been made to Nigerians mainly, which are very accurate because when you go to Kasoa, you see instances.

“I was with the chief of police at Millennium City, and he told me: ‘Chief, you have to do something about this; every ten reported cases at the police station is 6/10 of Nigerians’. You have six cases of Nigerians in every 10 cases reported at the police station; why is that so?'”

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