Oaklinks.NG has launched its range of services into the market on the month that the nation is celebrating its 61 years of independence with a promise to offer Nigerians top range of goods and services, particularly gadgets.

In a statement issued today, Friday, October 1, 2021, to launch the e-Commerce website, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. Olamide Adeyemi Kaka, said that his company wants to end the era when some people patronize mediocre outlets in order to get cheap and ineffective gadgets.

He said: “People underestimate their freedom to choose quality and how it can help shape a positive relationship attitude in a workplace as well as personal environment.

Oaklinks.NG is not here to change that behaviour, instead we are here to revolutionise the attitude of people to getting goods, services and gadgets.”

He stated that Oaklinks.NG is driven by passion and the desire to become the highest technological standard in the country and beyond, saying that “this is why our investment ranges from professional services to management, to commodities, forex, and gadget services.

The aim is to be the standard of good customer services. And that is why our standards are redefined to bring the future to bear on the present through our unique niche of versatility, availability, reliability and affordability.”

According to him, the prime focus of is to Oaklinks.NG revolutionalise the form, the range and the speed of business solutions in the West Africa sub-region adding that Oaklinks.NG has a unique collection of experience that spans decade.

“We are fully exposed to the standards of current technology and are on a mission to expose our clients to the wide range of unlimited experience that our portfolio is capable of measuring up to.

Oaklinks.NG is more than capable to deliver outstanding results of value; away from the mediocre experiences of most consumers”, Kaka said.

He disclosed that the Oaklinks.NG team is driven by seasoned professionals who are experts in their various fields of expertise and who are architects of creativity when it comes to Sales, Marketing, Brand Management, Digital Money and Content Marketing.

He said: “We lay corporate values bare for the world to see and analyze, thereby synergizing, innovation, competence, diversity and competition towards the accentuated success of our clients, stakeholders and the public; with a view to create globally competitive outfits and individuals.”

Kaka who said that his company is passionate about ensuring that her clients gain increase in their budgets, pocket desire, also encapsulate its foreign exchange services (FOREX).

He explained that Oaklinks.NG offer investment solutions with up to 200% return on investment (ROI) on any of its business license purchased in Forex and Commodities and also offer professional services on Human Resources management & outsourcing, Business development & Brand Marketing Activation.

The Oaklinks.NG CEO described himself as a mastermind of expertise in consumer experience and gadget application saying that he has worked across the West Africa sub-region; giving wings to start-ups and creating practical solutions for next level endeavors of companies and individuals.

He noted that along with other team members, the Oaklinks.NG brand is ready to build a map of diligence and success for the younger generation who are interested in career development and solution expertise across Nigeria and Africa.




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