ContainerAs part of efforts to ensure effective monitoring of activities of vessels, the Nigerian Shippers Council (NSC) has decided to go for International Cargo Tracking Note (ICTN) with a yearly revenue target of about N17,238,054,156.84 ($87,060,879.58). This is with the purpose of checking excessive practices within the shipping industry.

The policy which will also aid the nation to evaluate goods being brought into the country is being implemented in conjunction with Messrs Transport and Port Management System (TPMS) Nigeria Limited.

Here’s a release from the Shipper’s Council;

“Based on the 2014 NPA operational cargo throughput (statistics), the sum of N17,238,054,156.84 ($87,060,879.58) is estimated to be the ICTN scheme proceeds to be generated at the current rate of the scheme’s applicable token administrative fee for different cargo types.

“All Cargoes destined for or departing from Nigerian Ports (Import/Export/Transit) shall obtain from Nigerian Shippers’ Council an Entry Summary Number (ENS) – in case of import to Nigeria – or an Exit Summary Number (EXS) – in case of Export departing from Nigeria. The ENS or EXS must show on the Bill of Lading and final manifest of the vessel.

“The shipper of the cargo is the person responsible for the declaration procedure in advance with information relating to the cargo. The procedure must ensure that the said declaration is correctly made.

“In the case of a Chartered vessel, the Advanced Cargo Declaration (ACD) shall be completed by the Chartered who issues the Bill of Lading and not by the company owning the vessel.”

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