National Leader of All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has said the country is yet to recover from consequences of the civil war, therefore, cannot afford to experience another one. He urged those clamouring for secession to jettison the idea because the country is better together than being separated.

In his goodwill message at a special Ramadan lecture held at Lagos House, Marina, yesterday, Tinubu said the war drums some people were beating could result in disintegration of the country like Sudan and Iraq.

“For those clamouring for war, God will not allow Nigeria to experience war. If we say Nigeria should separate, people should remember what war caused in Sudan and Iraq. Such war does not end on time. We are yet to recover from the civil war.

“We are better together. I have nowhere I am going. Whoever has experienced war in the past will not pray for such. Nigeria will not separate, it’s not acceptable to us. Our prayer is for prosperity and more wealth for the country,” he said.

Tinubu praised Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu and his Deputy, Dr. Obafemi Kadiri Hamzat, for their achievements since they came on board, expressing satisfaction with their performances.

Sanwo-Olu, in his message, promised to fulfill his campaign promises and deliver dividends of democracy. He said the state government was in the process of installing 2000 cameras across the state for security surveillance.

On security, Sanwo-Olu said more funds would be deployed into the state Security Trust Fund (STF) to empower police and other security operatives, while technology would be deployed around Lagos.

National Missioner, Ansaru-Deen Society of Nigeria, Sheikh Ahmad Raman, also called on those clamouring for the country to divide to have a rethink. The cleric, who admitted there is high level of insecurity in the country, said with constant prayers, change of thoughts and characters by Nigerians, the country would come out of the crisis.

“These are uncertain times. This is the time men are supposed to be separated from boys. This is the time that regions need to think out of the box.

“We are insecure, we are unsure, there is hunger, there is anger and confusion in the land. This is the time we need divine intervention. If we gather and pray till 2023, Allah will not listen to us till we do some things.

“This is the time action is required, backed by deep thoughts, for today and our tomorrow. We have often blamed leaders, but we have to choose the kind of leaders we deserve. Everywhere is unsafe even the police station is not safe. We need to rejig,” Raman said.

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