Lagos State indigenes residing in the United Kingdom, Ireland and other foreign lands have urged the state government under the leadership of Babajide Sanwo-Olu to adopt the England’s Property Law to favour the indigenous residents over others in the state.

This was stated in a release by the Union’s President, Mr. Toyin Ibrahim Igbo, and General Secretary, Mr. Olanrewaju Oluwa, and issued by the Union’s Publicity Secretary, Engr. Kayode Ajayi, on Friday.

The statement claimed that the domestication of English property law would lay to rest the lingering issue of “Lagos is a no man’s land.”

According to the Union, an interest in land/real estate in England can be held under freehold or leasehold ownership, with the freehold being the highest category of ownership in England and Wales and, in most situations, virtually conferring absolute ownership. Leasehold rights grant exclusive possession and use of land for a set length of time.

The statement reads, “A real estate owner in England can also give non-exclusive rights, known as easements, to third parties to use the land, such as granting a right of way. If correctly registered, easements are binding on any future owners of the property. The transfer of real estate to a purchaser must be recorded in writing on a form specified by HM Land Registry.

“Literally, land in Lagos State should be sold to an interested person or persons or group of persons as lease for a period of One Hundred (100) years, after which the property is subject to review. With this law, indigenes will retain right of full ownership of the land in the state”, the Union said.

The union continued: “Lagos indigenes are selling their land to immigrants due to lack of good jobs to cater for their families. Even where jobs are available, they are given to non-indigenes leaving the indigenes to sell their land or properties for survival or join the japa syndrome that have befallen mm the country while others have become touts, miscreants and agberos.

“A situation where local government jobs are being given to non-indigenes is atrocious to the indigenous people of Lagos. The state civil service is filled with non-indigenes as staff while indigenes roam the streets. If this continues, Lagos indigenes will be decimated in the state and they will not have a place to call their own in the near future.

Governor Sanwo-Olu and Lagos lawmakers should ensure the land and interest of Lagos indigenes are well protected”, the union added.

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