KaymuKaymu.com.ng, Nigeria’s number one online marketplace, has introduced a new programme to its online business. An Affiliate Program, described as a unique opportunity for rising entrepreneurs that will generate income through its site, even if they do not have products to sell online was recently launched.

The Affiliate Program allows online marketers, bloggers, and digital influencers to act as affiliate marketers and generate income through customizable Kaymu buying links that they can promote on their popular online channels.

This initiative is in line with our mission of empowering Nigerian entrepreneurs, by rewarding key 3rd party players for promoting Kaymu products on their blogs, social media channels, or personal websites. Excited about the new initiative, Kaymu’s Managing Director Sefik Bagdadioglu commented, “Re-launching the Affiliate Program is ​another great step towards our commitment to the Kaymu community.”

By signing up for the Affiliate Program, participants get access to a designated dashboard that allows them to create a customizable link to share, banners to promote their personal Kaymu link, and an analytics system to monitor traffic and sales generated from the link.

Affiliates can earn up to 7 percent commission from sales generated through their shared links. The Program is flexible, enabling marketers to promote specific categories in line with their own interest and followership, if desired.

For Bagdadioglu, the Affiliate Program is a great way to extend our reach to more members of our community, including those who do not have products to sell. “This is an opportunity for all of us to learn together, work together, and grow together.”

By Pita Ochai

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