The Commandant-General of the Hisbah board, Sheikh Harun Ibn Sina, has denied that the board invited the winner of the 44th edition of Miss Shatou Garko for questioning. This was just as he also denied that it has invited the parents of the beauty pageant winner for questioning.

Ibn Sina described the rumoured quizzing of Shatou as the handiwork of mischief-makers.

He noted that the Hisbah authorities in the state did not extend any formal or verbal invitation to Shatou or her parents.

Ibn Sina said rather Hisbah only cautioned against the putting of attires that contradicts Islamic injunctions noting that clothing that exposes sensitive parts of feminine bodies is strictly unacceptable.


It will be recalled that a publication stated that the Kano State Hisbah Board had condemned the emergence of Shatu Garko as the winner of Miss Nigeria 2021, saying it was forbidden for Muslims to participate in any affair that is against Islamic doctrine


Ibn Sina, in the publication, said that participating in the beauty pageant is against the teachings of Islam and the northern culture.


The publication said the command would soon invite parents to speak on why they allowed her to participate in the contest.


“We investigated and confirmed that the girl called Shatu Garko is from Kano State and an indigene of Garko Local Government area of Kano State where Hisbah is also at work.


“Islamically, it is totally forbidden because it goes against the teachings and practices of Islam. Immorality is practised and it (beauty pageant) encourages the female gender to be immoral.


“The holy Qur’an said we should tell our families, especially females to cover their bodies entirely because it’s the best thing for their spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing.


“A female Muslim is not allowed to open any part of her body except her face and palms of her hands except for their husbands, children or siblings.


“It has come to our notice that our children are now coming out to contest for this immoral act which is not acceptable,” he said.

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