President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday called for an end to what he described as “the cycle of violence” in Benue and Anambra states.
In a statement signed by spokesman Garba Shehu, the President said the inclination for people to take law into their hands “in the name of revenge” will lead to “no winners . . . only losers.”
At least 11 people were killed in Gwer West Local Government of Benue State on Monday which apparently led to reprisals on innocent people by mobs that blocked roads to unleash terror and violence, according to the statement.
President Muhammadu Buhari
The statement also said there had been the killing of innocent people in Anambra State by mobs.
“I totally condemn this latest unprovoked violence and counter-attacks on innocent people that had nothing to do with the cause of the violence,” the President was quoted as saying.
“Violence on innocent people by anybody and any group is unacceptable and indefensible.
“Hate and bigotry have eaten so deeply and violates the sanctity of life. If we allow this culture of violence to go unchecked, such mobs would destroy law and order.”
The President urged leaders of ethnic and religious groups “to play their own roles constructively in controlling their followers or members, in order to support the government’s efforts for sustainable peace.”
He cautioned Nigerians against the “temptations of taking the law into their hands in the name of revenge because there are no winners in the cycle of violence, only losers.”
The statement added that the “President sends his commiserations to the families of the bereaved and the governments and people of Benue and Anambra States.
“He also commends the police and other law enforcement agencies for their prompt response in averting the escalation of the violence, urging them to put in every effort to apprehend perpetrators of the heinous attacks.”
PDP Lawmakers Lament Worsening Insecurity
Meanwhile, the People’s Democratic Party Caucus in the National Assembly has expressed strong concerns over what it describes as the ineptitude and the inability of the APC-led government to arrest the drift to anarchy in the country.
Briefing journalists on Tuesday after a joint caucus meeting, Senate Minority leader, Enyinaya Abaribe, said from 2015 to date, rather than resolving the security situation in the country, the APC-led federal government has rather broadened the security challenges.
The caucus suggested that immediate steps should be taken by governments at all levels to set up proper security infrastructure whether in the mode of state police and other constitutional reforms to arrest the worsening insecurity.
Senator Abaribe further said that the caucus has taken note and will continue to take note of the constitutional breaches happening at this time by the government of the APC and will at the appropriate time utilize all constitutional methods and measures available after consultations with its colleagues to do the needful to save the country from collapse.
The caucus also said it was opposed to the continued superintendence of the NIN registration by someone whom the country has lost confidence in.
It went on to suggest that the federal government should summon the courage to do the needful.
When people lose confidence in a member of the government, the caucus said, that person should either quit or be fired.

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