Angry reactions have continued to trail the alleged intervention of the Presidency, when Senator Rochas Okorocha was arrested weekend, by the police in Owerri, for breaking the seal of Imo State Government.

While the Commissioner of Information and Strategy, Declan Emelumba, claimed that the police released Okorocha late Sunday night, on health grounds”, the former governor disclosed that he was released through the prompt intervention of the presidency.


Speaking on the issue, a concerned citizen, Chief Durunna Chiekezie, said: “If it is true that the presidency intervened like the former governor claimed, it has made nonsense of President Muhammadu Buhari’s anti-corruption mantra. It is not right for the presidency to throw its weight around

“The Imo State Government’s claim that Okorocha was released on health ground was, and still remains a better alibi than dragging the presidency into the murky waters. It is saddening to note that so far, the presidency has not found it good enough to debunk Okorocha’s claim.”

For Nnoromele Okoroafor, there is no way this nation can successfully fight corruption, if any or all accused persons continue to strike the relevant chords in some quarters, including the presidency.

His words: “If Okorocha’s claim is correct, then, it is goodbye to the anti-corruption fight. If accused persons succeed in getting protection from the high and mighty, including the presidency, then the nation is finished.

“Do we not realize that world bodies like Transparency International, have taken note of this? Can’t we see that such acts bring collateral damage to our national psyche? I really pity Nigeria, because we have a long way to go.”

In her own thinking, Mrs. Patricia Mercy Orieanu, expressed shock that anybody would willingly defend the varying actions of the former governor, while in office.

Orieanu said: “I really don’t understand how or why anybody would willingly defend the most reckless actions of the former governor. If every other governor before him, acquired all parts of Owerri municipality, would Okorocha have found where to pass through?

“For intervening in the instant case, can the Presidency also justify the acquisition of Imo Broadcasting Corporation’s transmitting station and staff quarters, Orji, by Okorocha, for the use of Rochas Foundation College?

“He did a lot of very strange and despicable things, while in office. For goodness sake, it does not amount to a witch hunt, if the sitting government moves to recover our common patrimony.”

Chima Egenti Opara recalled with grief that Okorocha never respected court orders, while in office and should be made to taste a bit of what he began in the state.

Opara said: “He respected lawfully made court orders. He behaved as though there will never be a tomorrow or that power will never change hands in Imo State.

Today, Okorocha now knows that there is an expiry date for everything under the sun. The government should please, go ahead and recover all the things the White Paper says must be recovered from Okorocha. Enough is enough.”

Meanwhile, Okorocha’s media aide, Sam Onwuemeodo, said out of the number of persons arrested and arraigned in court, only Steve Asimobi and Eberendu Chimechefulam are Okorocha’s personal aides.

“Barr. Steve Asimobi and Eberendu Chimechefulam are personal aides to  Okorocha. Asimobi is Okorocha’s legislative aide, while Eberendu is was Okorocha’s ADC. Mr. Ibekwe Darlington is a social media influencer”, Onwuemeodo said.

Continuing, Okorocha’s media aide said: “We have also heard about those they (police) said were at large. If the police had arrested all those they saw at the place, including cleaners and with the trending videos on the incident, there was no way anybody would have left there, to the extent of being said to be at large.”

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