Presidential Spokesperson, Femi Adesina says the Federal Government of Nigeria is not interested in ‘naming and shaming’ sponsors of terrorism.

Mr. Adesina said Nigerians will rather bring the sponsors of terrorism to justice than ‘naming and shaming’ them. The Presidential Spokesman said this during an interview on Channels Television on Monday.

It could be recalled that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) placed six Nigerians on its terror list.

Femi Adesina

Adesina when asked if President Muhammadu Buhari would comment on the issue of terrorism at the United Nations Assembly, following the naming of six Nigerians as “sponsors of terrorism” in UAE, said the federal government’s focus will be on the prosecution of suspects.

He said, “Naming and shaming won’t be the motive. Rather, bringing malefactors to justice would be it. Nigeria is not interested in naming and shaming anybody. Rather, it wants to bring them to justice.

“You will see that the United Arab Emirates has given some names, and the attorney-general of the federation has responded to that matter, saying that in due course, all these people will have their days in court.

“Rest assured that these people will be dragged before justice and justice will have its way.”

The Presidential Spokesperson who noted that investigations are being carried out across different security agencies on sponsors of terrorism added that evidence will be presented for prosecution.

Adesina said, “You don’t take people before the court without investigation. I think even the EFCC chairman, Bawa, spoke about it recently. Investigations are going on at different levels.

“It would be at the level of EFCC; it would be at the level of the National Intelligence Agency. Different security agencies would be working on it so that when those people eventually appear in court, there will be what the lawyers call a prima facie case against them.”

The Presidential Spokesman while commenting on the issue of recent loans sought by the current administration said the Buhari administration is borrowing to execute developmental projects.

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