Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State has accused the Governor of the Central Bank, Mr Godwin Emefiele, of having an ulterior motive behind the recent monetary policy which has caused many Nigerians great discomfort in the passing weeks.

In his official state broadcast on Thursday, El-Rufai alleged that Emefiele and his supporters within the presidency plan to make life difficult for Nigerians, undermine the works of the government and see to it that the forthcoming elections do not hold.

According to El-Rufai, the final goal is to see that the military takes over Nigeria even as they would be made to step in as to stop the imbroglio occasioned by a life made unbearable for millions of Nigerians.

“They also sought to achieve any one or more of following objectives:

a. Create a nationwide shortage of cash so that citizens are incited to vote against APC candidates across the board resulting in massive losses for the Party in all the elections;

b. Ensure that the cash crunch is so serious, along with the contrived and enduring fuel shortage existing since September 2022, that the 2023 Elections do not hold at all, leading to an Interim National Government to be led by a retired Army General;

c. Sustain the climate of shortage of fuel, food and other necessities, leading to mass protests, violence and breakdown of law and order that would provide a fertile foundation for a military take-over.

The governor further asserted that in the pursuit of these objectives, “the Central Bank of Nigeria and these other disgruntled Federal officials have so far convinced the President that it is fine for ordinary citizens to be dispossessed of their hard-earned money, and starved if need be, while small and medium-sized businesses are deprived of access to their capital, thereby bringing trade and exchange to a grinding halt”.

El-Rufai said all efforts to modify implementation of the policy to avoid what was assumed to be unintended consequences were unsuccessful, adding that he chose to speak out first as one person that has been particularly close to the President, believing that his actions were motivated by innocence, and mindful of his legacy.

The governor said he has no regrets for doing his duty in this regard, stressing that one day, the president will appreciate what he and his fellow governors are being insulted for today.

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