THE crisis rocking the Arewa Youths Assembly took a turn for the worse on Thursday, with the sacking of the Speaker of the Assembly, Mohammed Danlami. A section of the assembly on Thursday, dissociated the group from comments made by its former Speaker about the economic policies of the President Muhammadu Buhari. They equally announced Danlami’s removal from his leadership position and in his place, Tahir Azare, was named as new Speaker.

Azare alleged that his predecessor was sacked for using the group’s platform to promote a devious political plot to threaten Nigeria’s security and economy.

The former Speaker had at a press conference on Tuesday, called for the sack of the Governor of the Central Bank for formulating economic politics that have increased poverty among Nigerians.

President Muhammadu Buhari’s

Danlami said, “We stand firmly by our words at the Arewa Youth Assembly asking Mr Emefiele to resign his position as the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria. This is necessary because every point raised against Mr Emefiele is factual and verifiable.

“No amount of sponsored damage control can proffer solutions to many economic woes an average Nigeria is subjected to daily, but will rather ignite the anger of the masses, who are now finding it extremely difficult to even feed their families.

“It is an open fact that the naira was ₦170 against the dollar before Mr Emefiele’s emergence as the Governor of the CBN. But today, due to his weak policies, it is ₦570 against a dollar and still counting.”

While dissociating the group from Danlami’s comments, Azare said, “We had asked ourselves, which Emefiele is Mr. Salihu Danlami talking about? Is it the CBN Governor who deployed over N756bn to 3.7 million farmers cultivating over 4.6 million hectares of farmland under the Anchor Borrowers Programme?

“Or was it the same man who provided N23bn in relief materials to Covid-19 affected households and set up 39 isolation centres across Nigeria?

“We urge members of the public to beware of any information that comes from Danlami as such statements do not come from the Assembly and do not represent our views about the country, the CBN, the nation’s economy and President Buhari’s government’s economic agenda.”

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