MOURINHO WITH ABRAHAMOVICHEmbattled Chelsea manager, Jose Mourinho still has the full backing of club owner Roman Abramovich, says technical director, Michael Emenalo.

Chelsea issued a public statement to voice their confidence in the former Real Madrid head coach following the 3-1 home defeat to Southampton in October, but the Premier League champions have lost their last three top-flight games, with their dismal run of form showing little sign of abating.

Speculation has increased lately that Mourinho’s days at Stamford Bridge could be numbered should he fail to turn their results around quickly but Emenalo says there is a confidence they can overcome their current difficulties without any drastic action. “When it comes to decisions, we feel confident we have an owner who has a very good track record, who is astute at making decisions of this kind at the right time to get us to where we want to be,” Emenalo told UK paper, ‘Daily Telegraph’.

“We have never put ourselves in a position where we second-guess him. Part of the reasons he can make those decisions and be successful is because he has the information that a lot of people don’t.

“He has the whole picture of what is happening at the club, not just from certain individuals but every sector of the club. When he needs to make a decision he can make it.

“Right now, the statement from the owner and from the board comes from a belief that we are in a position to trust a manager who has delivered so much.

“We are in a position to trust a group of players who have delivered in the last couple of seasons.

“We are in a position to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel and therein lies our confidence… that we can get out of the situation.”

Emenalo insists Abramovich has been affected by Chelsea’s recent results as much as any of the Stamford Bridge support.

“He is deeply, deeply passionate about football and about English football and this club,” the Nigerian continued.

“It means everything to him and that is why he makes the investment and wherever he is, he finds a way to watch matches. He cares deeply, so when things aren’t going well it affects him in the same way it affects a fan. He is feeling like the rest of us who are fans,” Emenalo said.

By Olisemeka Obeche (with agency reports)

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