The popular Cubana nightclub, Victoria Island, Lagos, was practically empty on Wednesday evening, June 15, 2022, when our correspondent visited. However, when we paid another visit on Friday, June 17, there were more people there.

Recall that popster, Burna Boy’s police escorts were alleged to have shot and wounded two patrons of the club­ Lawrence and Tolu­ in the early hours of Wednesday, June 8, 2022.

According to reports, the singer was in the VIP section of the club with three women when he spotted another lady. He was said to have told one of his escorts (Ibrahim) to invite the woman to join him.

However, the lady’s husband, who was by her side, was said to have lambasted the singer, insisting that it was disrespectful for any man to make advances at his wife.

“As things were getting heated, Ibrahim brought out his service pistol and shot multiple times while Burna Boy was laughing,” said a senior policeman.

In the process, 27-year-old Lawrence was shot in the thigh while his friend, Tolu, was hit in the head by a bullet. It was learnt that Burna Boy and his crew then immediately left the scene.

Meanwhile, the Inspector General of Police has condemned the incident and called for an investigation into the matter.

However, when Sunday Scoop visited the upscale hangout on Wednesday (a week after the incident), there weren’t many people at the venue. Meanwhile, Wednesdays are usually set aside as the club’s ‘karaoke night’, and it attracts a number of fun seekers. But, during the three hours our correspondent spent at the club, only one patron took part in the karaoke session. She was backed by the host of the event, Shawn Pee.

Also, there were just three tables occupied by guests at about 9:40pm. One of the tables had about six people around it, while another table had three foreigners (two male and one female), and the last table had one person on it.

In a chat with one of the employees at the club, Sunday Scoop was told that the place was scanty because it was a not a regular club day. According to the worker, the club’s regular club days are Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

The host of the karaoke night, who goes by the name Shawn Pee, announced to the few customers seated that he didn’t know what happened on that night to make the place dull, unlike what happened on previous weeks.

However, when Sunday Scoop visited the club again on Friday, the situation was not much different. Though the club continued its usual activities, as of the time our correspondent was there, there weren’t many people there.

Meanwhile, contrary to reports in a section of the media that employees at the club, especially guards, had abandoned their duty posts because they were being arrested by security operatives.


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