President Muhammadu Buhari has been advised by the Nigerian Senate to come with few individuals who are key and very important to the 2021 budget presentation, billed for tomorrow.

Addressing the senate, Ahmed Lawan said: “This time around, because of the situation of COVID-19 pandemic, we have made arrangements to observe social distancing in the chamber.

“We also have to wear our face masks, its mandatory. We are going to also abridge the entire event because we will be many there.

“So, the entire event will last just about an hour. From the entry of the President into the chamber and addresses and the presentation and laying will be just an hour event.

“This is done so that we would be able to comply with the requirements of the COVID-19 protocol.

“Mr. President this time around will not be accompanied by many people on the entourage.

“Only a few people – very key and relevant to the budget – will accompany Mr. President into the chamber.

” I think by the arrangement those of them that have little to do with the budget will join virtually what will happen.”

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