The Oyo State Secretariat in Agodi Ibadan has been overrun by hundreds of demonstrators.

The protesters’ attack resulted in injury to a police officer working for the governor’s office.

Following rumours that small-scale protests had erupted in several parts of the capital city, the Secretariat gate was sealed.

Security personnel on the ground were forced to take cover when the protesters, who arrived with sticks, wood, and other hazardous weapons, pushed open the Secretariat’s two main gates.

The demonstrators went straight to the Governor’s office and tried to force the gate open while several Secretariat employees and others fled for safety.

The protesters were forced to throw stones and other dangerous objects into the governor’s office by the resistance of the on-duty police, who responded by firing blank bullets into the air.

One of the suspects was apprehended while they demolished the property on the spot.

The situation was prevented from spiraling out of control and becoming a serious crisis by the quick action and support provided by the members of the Operation Burst and Police Team.

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