A Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain in Ebonyi State, Nwakaego Emmanuel, has described the All Progressives Congress (APC) as a curse to Nigeria. According to her, all the party has achieved and brought for Nigerians since 2015 when they took over power is hardship, pains, sorrows and backwardness.

Ego-bekee as Emmanuel is popularly called made this known in her Amanator ward in Isu, Onicha Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, during the PDP ward congress that witnessed a large turnout.

“I saw the deep love from our people for us as individuals for the lot PDP has done for the state to ensure that the lives of people are being touched.

“Now people have seen the difference between the PDP and APC, and on their own, they never waited for PDP to campaign for them to come out for the congress. Automatically, everybody has decamped to PDP because of the pains, frustration, hunger and backwardness that is being caused by APC to us as Ebonyians and the nation.

“In fact, you can see what is happening in the country and in Ebonyi State, in particular, our PDP will take over Ebonyi Government House because people are tired of suffering. It is a sure bet that PDP is taking over Ebonyi State come 2023.

“I know for saying the truth, they will start to call me names. But it doesn’t bother me and other female politicians, because we are doing the right thing. This has made things easier for us such that we don’t even spend to convince the women to join us because they are already seeing what we are doing and wish to emulate us. That is why anytime we call for function in the State, the number of women you will see will be amazing.

“All this is because of the life pattern I have chosen to live and my interest is to make our people live happily,” she said.

Source: Nigerian Tribune

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