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All prepped up This edition of TheEconomy may come as a little surprise. You will however be quickly comforted that, as an appreciative maiden prepping up for her suitors, your favourite newsmagazine has taken the pain to undergo a major re-modelling to enhance your reading pleasure without compromising on our policy of delivering the latest economic news and tit-bits you can use. You can bet on our continued insistence on incisive analyses that truly add value to your information-hunting experience. We have also ‘downsized’ from our traditional quasi-tabloid format to a more manageable size, handy enough to fit into today’s trendy carrier bags and briefcases. Now, you have your own veritable take-away economic and financial mini-mine at your reach, anytime, anywhere. Christmas evokes feelings of well-being even the poets may never be able to fully capture. A season of unbridled optimism, it is the world’s most exciting season when religion, leisure, commerce and festivities fuse into one grand orgy of celebrations, Christmas has become an important factor in the overall economy of nations on account of the heightened economic activities it unleashes. Corporates as well as individual house-holds prepare special budgets for the yuletide season. The frenzied buying and spending associated with the season make Christmas the most economically significant period in the calendar year. Virtually all sectors are impacted: manufacturing, retail, hospitality and leisure, entertainment, transport and so forth. Our cover pans through a sample of these, flittingly but meaningfully touching on the nature of the business opportunities presented by the flurry of activities as well the challenges organizations and individuals are confronted with in the heady atmosphere created by the rush to belong. This edition marks the beginning of the next phase of the development trajectory we have outlined for your winning newsmagazine. We urge you to ride along with us and keep the faith.


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