By January 2024, airlines are expected to begin compensating customers for delayed or cancelled flights.

Minister of Aviation Festus Keyamo announced this at Tuesday’s Joint National Assembly Committee on Aviation while defending the ministry’s 2024 fiscal year budget.

He assured that a weekly media list of airlines with delayed or cancelled flights will be published as part of the compensation scheme.

The decision to publish weekly flight delay or cancellation names was made during a stakeholders meeting in Lagos and a retreat in Warri.

“I have called the customer’s satisfactory commission regarding the treatment of Nigerians. In fact, I have gone back to the committee, that is how much I am concerned,” Keyamo said.

He proposed a compensation initiative, including a discount on flight tickets for airlines that delayed passengers. “For every delay, there is a report, an actual report by the regulator. What did they do? Did they pay compensation That passenger must be given a 50 per cent rebate or 40 per cent rebate because they must be a rebate,” he suggested.

Keyamo emphasized that the most effective method for the development of Nigerian airports is through concessions to investors. “In concession, we will give the people what we want , not what they want. We have to decide what we want. It is the nature, the quality of the concession that all of us will agree on.”

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