Agbada Styles: Long and free-flowing rope with wide arms. This style is associated with the elite and helps build the confidence and admiration. The common colours seen include full black, white, shades of blue, red, cream, beige etc

Looking at the modern Aso Ebi styles for guys and lady, we will definitely notice that Nigerian men couldn’t help becoming part of this fashion craze.

The days of men native attire styles in Nigeria being just trouser and top are gone. Yes, they are.

We have seen the men fashion in different forms from the senator styles, to the agbada styles, with different cuts and patterns, etc.

The men of style demonstrate that Aso-ebi styles are not only for girls! At the moment guys are working to freshen up their trendy Aso-ebi styles to look their best and most fashionable! There are trendy Agbada styles you might want to try out. Here are just a few below:

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