Shoprite Nigeria’s planned closure of its store in Ado Bayero Mall in Kano State on January 14, 2024, has sparked discussions between mall management and major retail chains for space within the mall’s property.

Ike Okeke, the mall’s director, expressed regret over Shoprite’s decision based on the nation’s economy.

“We note with regret the decision of the management of Shoprite to end its operations in Kano effective January 2024, stating the current challenging economic situation in the country as its reason,” Okeke said.

“Over the 10 years that the company operated out of the premium Ado Bayero Mall in Kano, we have enjoyed a cordial and mutually beneficial relationship and always extended to them the famed social and business-building support all tenants in the mall enjoy,” he added.

Okeke stated that the mall does not interfere with its tenants’ business operations or investment decisions, as these are their sole responsibility and prerogative.

He emphasized that mall tenants, like in global practices, are relocating based on the objectives set by the business owners.

“While we wish Shoprite the best in their future endeavours, we wish to assure the shoppers and customers of the mall as well as the good people of Kano that new major retail chains are in discussions with us to take spaces within the mall, and these will be announced in the not-distant future,” Okeke said in a statement.

He said the mall’s dedication to delivering the highest-quality shopping experience to Kano residents remains unwavering.

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