More than 20 million registered members of the Atiku Care Foundation are said to be in support of former Vice President Atiku Abubakar in promoting prosperity in Nigeria. Aliyu Bin Abbas, the chairman, the Atiku Care Foundation, has declared. According to a statement signed by Okpani Jacob Onjewu Dickson, the spokesman of the chairman foundation, Abbas expressed this, while meeting with some Atiku support groups in Abuja on Friday, August 31.

“We have over 20 million registered members nationwide and committed to propelling, promoting and pursuing prosperity friendly situations through education, skills acquisition, human capital development and empowerment of all to entrench the dictates of the UN goals for sustainable development and in the production of goods and services in agricultural consumption.

“That indeed is the point of departure from old endangering habits to new and enduring sustainability for Nigeria.

“Atiku’s long lasting wish is to bring the highest profitable jobs and employment orders from within and outside the shores of our country,” he said.

He described the surprise purchase of form by support groups as an indicator that Nigerians are yearning for a capable hand to steer affairs of the country.

“These days, Nigeria is a victim of a rather negative reputation: the country is seen as being extremely poor, insecure, under-developed, subject to devastating poverty, squalor and socio-political instability, which has been worsened by the inept, lack-lustre and “lifeless” administration of General Muhamadu Buhari since May 29, 2015 when the country heaped her destiny on his shoulders.

“The level of maladministration, insensitivity, unemployment, lopsided pursuit of anti-corruption measures and a very exasperated populace have braced up for a new and dynamic leadership that will ameliorate the untold and debilitating scourges of infamy bedevilling our country Nigeria.

“Therefore, on Friday, August 31, 2018 a conglomeration of various dynamic socio-political support groups (numbering over 2,100 groups) from all regions of Nigeria and the Diaspora organised a sudden and surprise ceremony to hand over purchased forms and declaration of interest forms on behalf of millions of their members to his Excellency, Atiku Abubakar, GCON, to facilitate his declaration for the position of president during the forthcoming delegate elections. Make no mistakes, this singular gesture is epochal in the annals of Nigeria’s socio-political history since Independence in 1960,” he said.

Abbas further explained that the purchase of form is a thing of personal emotion and unrivalled joy that touched the heart of Atiku Abubakar, who was palpably drawn to tears following the event that saw several testimonies and unfettered declaration of mutual trust and confidence on the former Vice President’s ability to compassionately and tolerantly lead Nigeria out of the woods by restructuring the country and herald sustainable growth and future for our people.

“We, at Atiku Care Foundation, ACF, are integral and unrelenting in our efforts at making the Nigerian the epitome of a new world order of satiety through various initiatives.

“It is hoped that with these intervention policies, Nigerian youths will become more competitive, and perhaps gain comparative advantages in various skills and adapt to the vagaries of the new tech age.

“Atiku Abubakar believes that prosperity will only beckon to all those who realize and believe in their individual and collective abilities as one indivisible nation to thrive, survive and provide for their families, now and in the future. Atiku Abubakar 2019,” he stressed.

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